How To Fill Out China Visa Application Form

Chinese consulate has very tight policy on filling the application forms. Please read the instruction carefully to avoid potential delay or rejection.


1, Please make sure to download the form from our website. Please click here to download the Chinese visa application form.

2, Please do not double-sided print the application form, use single-sided print. The form  is a 4-page form.

3, Any adult applicant (18 and up) must sign and only sigh on section 4.3.  Any minor (under 18) does not sign on any section, parent  signs minor’s name on  4.3 , then parent signs his/her own name on 5.5.

4, The form must be typed; no hand written form will be accepted by the Chinese Consulate.  Any question does not apply to you, please mark N/A.

5, You must sign the form with a pen, Digital signature or photocopy signature is NOT acceptable.


Filling instruction: ( we only list the important sections)

1.1 If you don’t have a middle name, please mark N/A

1.2 If you have a Chinese name, please enter it with Chinese characters.

1.3 If you did use other name, please enter the name used.

1.8 Please make sure enter Country,State,and City.

1.9 It may be your photo ID, driver’s license’s number. If you don’t have one, mark N/A

1.13 Enter the location such as New York.(If US passport, you may enter US Department of State).

1.15 If you are businessman, company employee or student etc. Please make sure to enter supplemental information on 1.17 section.

1.16 No proof needed, enter whatever you want.(but not for student visas).

1.17 If the applicant is a infant, please mark N/A to all the blocks. If you are business man, please enter your company name, business type. If you are a company employee,please enter your company name, nature of business , your position. (e.g   ABC inc.  Technology company  Engineer)  If you are a student,please enter the details of the school.

1.23 You may enter your immediate family members.

1.25 Please enter USA,(if you are not in The States now, we may not be able to get your China visa)

2.1  Select your the reason of your application.

2.2 For US passport holder: Please select “other”, and enter” 10 Year Multiple entries” (We did it for you, but Chinese consulate makes final decision)
For non-US passport holder: Please select “One entry valid for 3 months” or ” Two entries valid for 3 to 6 months”.
If you are apply for a long-term residence visa, student visa,work visa. You will get  a 3 months single entry visa no matter what you select here .
Chinese consulate makes final decision on entries and duration.

2.5 Enter 30-90 days.(Chinese consulate makes final decision)

2.6 Please  enter the address details includes provinces, cities, streets , apartment numbers. If you are staying in a hotel, please provide the hotel name and street address, contacts.

2.7 You may enter”myself”. If the applicant is a child, enter” parents”. If for business visa, you may enter “Company” or “Host Company”

2.8 Provide details if there is one. Or mark N/A.

2.9 If yes, please provide details. If not mark N/A.

2.10 Enter 1 or 2 country names you visited or Mark N/A.

3.6  You must mark N/A if not applicable.

3.7  You must mark N/A if not applicable.

3.8  You must mark N/A if not applicable. (Not applicable for most applicants)

4.3  Any adult applicant (18 and up) must sign and only sigh on section 4.3.  Any minor (under 18) does not sign on any section, parent  signs parent’s name on  4.3 , then  the same parent signs his/her own name again on 5.5. Must signed by a real pen.  Please sign with a real Pen, no digital signature, no photocopy.

5.1-5.5 Provide details if the form was filled by a 3rd party. E.g if the parent fill the form for child, please provide parent’s information, and parent must sign on 5.5. (Sign parent’s name). Please sign with a real Pen, no digital signature, no photocopy.


In order to avoid delays and potential misunderstandings, please scan(or photograph) all of your documents and email the copies to us before sending the actual package. Our visa experts will review your documents within 6 to 24 business hours. This service is free for our clients while some agencies charge more than $50. This will save you both time and money. We suggest you to take advantage of this great service, especially for urgent applications.