Document Pick Up

Omni Visa Provide pick up services for document submitted to Chinese consulate in New York, including Chinese passport , Chinese travel document, Chinese visa and Document authentication.

This service we can provide is very limited, Please read below instruction before consider using our services.

We only take mail in order, please do not walk in our office with the receipt(s).

What we CAN do:

# Pick up document(s) submitted to Chinese consulate in New York.
# Pick up and mail out your documents within 3 business days after the available pickup date on your receipt
(For example, your pick up date if Monday, we may pick it up on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

What we CANNOT do:

# Pick up as soon as possible (even you may intend to pay higher fees)
# Pick up any date before the receipt’s pickup date
# Pick up on the date you assigned (even you may intend to pay higher fees)
# Pick up with other documents Chinese consulate requested
# Pick up without a available pick up date.
# Submit additional documents.
# Provide information about how to file / submit an application.

What you need to mail us :

1. The yellow or pink color pick up receipt issued by Chinese consulate New York( Original)
2. Omni Visa Order Form (After submit online, you will receive a confirmation email, please print the email and mail it with your receipt)

Service Fees :$37 per documents ( Chinese consulate may only issue one receipt for multiple documents)

Chinese Consulate Fee: It will be written on your receipt. (pay when pick up)

Mailing Fee: (Optional)

FedEx 2nd day–$25
FedEx Standard Overnight –$32
FedEx Priority Overnight–$37
FedEx Intentional Priority –$55